KillaCycle™ is the quickest electric motorcycle in the world.
It has over 500 HP and accelerates 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in less than one second!

The secret of KillaCycle? – The batteries!
The powerful A123 Systems nano-phosphate™ battery cells are what makes the KillaCycle go as fast as it does! The same battery cells are found in heavy duty cordless hand tools.

If you think about it, the KillaCycle is just a giant cordless drill with wheels!


• is the quickest electric motorcycle in the world.

• has since 1999 continuously set and broken its own world records.

• was the first electric vehicle to break the 8 seconds barrier in drag racing (November 2007)

• was the first electric powered vehicle of any kind to go over 150 mph in a ¼ mile (August 2000).

• as set more records on the drag strip than any other electric vehicle.

KillaCycle is the result of years of effort on the part of Bill Dubé, his sponsors and team members.

0-60 mph (0-96 km/h): 0.97 seconds
Acceleration: 2.89 G (almost 3 times free fall)
Best Top Speed in ¼ mile: 174.05 MPH
Lowest ¼ mile Elapsed Time (ET): 7.62 seconds @ 170.75 mph
Power: 640 hp
Battery: lithium iron nano-phosphate™ cells from A123 Systems
Battery voltage: 274 Volts. High-current cell interconnect tabs welded with Miyachi-Unitek equipment
Motors: Two DC series motors @ 87 lbs (40 kg) each.
Bearings: All of the bearings are supplied by NSK. The highest quality bearings are a must in drag racing!
Controllers: Two Cafe Electric Zilla2k-HV
Drive: direct chain drive on the rear wheel.
Charger: Manzanita Micro PFC-50, 12kW power-factor corrected, multi-voltage input
Tire: M&H Racemaster 10.0/27.0 – 15 MHR-68
Electricity consumption: 0.6 kWh, worth $0.07 for each run down the strip including the burn out. It corresponds to 2 ounces (70 ml) of gasoline.

Owner and lead engineer: Bill Dubé
Crew chief: Eva Håkansson
Riders: Scotty Pollacheck and Tracy Helmhold

KillaCycle is silent aside from the chain and some tire noise.


Picture: The original KillaCycle team.
From left to right:
Steve Ciciora, BMS Design, Electronics

Derek Barger, Electronics, CNC fabrication
Scotty Pollacheck, Rider, Tires, suspension set-up
Bill Dube’, Owner, Lead Engineer
Jonah Myerberg, Battery expert
Scot Colburn, Electronics
(not pictured) Susan Lefebvre, Videographer


 Picture: Owner and designer Bill Dube’. 

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