KillaJoule would not be the world’s fastest electric motorcycle and KillaCycle would not be the world’s quickest electric motorcycle without these great partners that have supported both projects in different ways. We can highly recommend their products and services. Do you want to join this winning team and see your company name or logo on the KillaJoule, on the website, in presentations, on our “hero cards”, or on other associated products such as team clothing? Contact Eva.

Gasoline?! Internal combustion?!
so last century!

Flat out into the future with the latest technology!


A123Systems extremely powerful batteries is the secret behind both the KillaJoule and the KillaCycle!


Nova Kinetics

Nova Kinetics are specialized in airplane parts made of composites. The owner Jim Corning and his great guys have made the gorgeous, super slick KillaJoule composite skin.


Larson Engineering, Boulder, CO

Larson Engineering in Boulder is your one stop machine shop. Rich and Rick Larson machined the gorgeous custom-made 300+ mph wheels for KillaJoule. Good prices and fast turnaround. Need something machined?! Give them a call today! (303) 449-9292, 1006 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO 80302


EVO Electric

The gorgeous and insanely powerful 500 HP motor in KillaJoule is made by EVO Electric (the EVO brand is now owned by GKN).


Rinehart Motion Systems

The lightest and most powerful motor controllers on the planet!


Parts Giant

Giant selection, Giant savings. Find great deals on all your favorite brands of motorcycle parts and accessories.


University of Denver – start from a higher place!

University of Denver, where Eva received her PhD in Mechanical Engineering, are enthusiastic supporters of the KillaCycle Racing Team.


Cummins Onan

The whisper quiet 10 kW bio-diesel power system in our race trailer is from Cummins Onan. It recharges KillaCycle in less than 5 minutes in-between runs, and recharges KillaJoule after a 250+ mph record-setting run in 0.5 hour.


Arai Helmets

Super-comfortable and super-safe helmets for street and track!


National Instruments

State-of-the-art data logging and control systems.


Woody’s Wheel Works

Going 250+ mph requires perfectly balanced wheels. Woody’s Wheel Works perfectly aligned and balanced the wheels on the KillaJoule. Nobody does wheels better than Woody. It is a well-known fact internationally.


Bonneville Stories – Lou Fischer Photography

Lou Fischer’s “Bonneville Stories” website is dedicated to preserving a portion of the history that is Bonneville Motorcycle Land Speed Racing.


Jayhawk Trailers

The place to get trailers, trailer equipment and trailer repair. Jayhawk Trailers take care of all our trailer and truck bed needs. Commerce City, Colorado.


Simpson Race Products

Probably the best racing products in the world, and my absolute favorite!



If it isn’t on video, it didn’t happen. GoPro Hero – the world’s most versatile camera – makes sure all our records are documented in cinema quality HD.


Manzanita Micro Power Systems

Thanks to the HUGE Manzanita Micro PFC-50 charger, the KillaJoule can be recharged after each run in less than 0.5 hour. KillaJoule is also using Manzanita Micro’s great BMS system The BMS just plugged in and worked perfectly. Nifty color-coded LEDs tell you exactly what is going on. Plug in your laptop if you want the detailed info on a cell level. Plugs right into the charger. Awesome.

NSK Bearings

Keeps the spinning parts spinning!


Fire Safety Services LLC

Keeping both Eva and the KillaJoule safe.


The 3D Printing Store

Your place for everything 3D printing.


M&H Racemaster Tires

High performance racing tires. These stick when others spin.


High Tech Systems LLC

The world’s fastest battery packs and BMS! High Tech Systems has developed the BMS that we use in the KillaCycle.



Leaders in actuation. The kevlar brake parachutes on KillaJoule are actuated using Bimba air cylinders.


Tyco Electronics

KillaCycle’s and KillaJoule’s light-weight, high-power contactors are from Tyco Electronics.


DesignFOIL by Dreesecode

Windows/Linux-based airfoil software tool.


Avon Aero Supply Inc.

Avon Aero is the world’s source for Military/Civilian Gas Turbine Engines and Components for aviation, marine, industrial, training and research applications.


Zilla / Cafe Electric

Zilla is the most used motor controller for electric drag racing. Able of 375 V and 2000 A, you will find it in most record holders.



Open source motor controller project – like Linux for your electric car.


Greenstage New Zealand

Market driven change for the planet. Driving force behind the Tumanako project (see above).


Kelly Controls

Great selection of motor controllers to great prices.


Motenergy LLC

Manufacturer of the “ETEK-RT” and “ETEK-R” motors, both replacements for the Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor. Most bang for the buck for small EVs like motorcycles and lightweight cars!

Best price if you buy online direct from Motenergy at (The real name for “ETEK-RT” is ME0709 and for “ETEK-R” is ME0708).


Miyachi Unitek

The high-power, high-energy battery packs in the KillaJoule and ElectroCat are resistance welded with equipment from Miyachi Unitek.


ALRECO Aluminum Surplus

_The_ place to buy aluminum! Enormous selection, great prices. 11299 Brighton Rd, Henderson, CO 80640, (303) 287-7210

United Process Control

Industrial process control and automation.


Denver Electric Vehicle Council

The Denver Electric Vehicle Council is a chapter of the Electric Auto Association in the greater Denver, Colorado. DEVC holds monthly meetings and provide a Newsletter to members with the latest council and electric vehicle news.


Stud Welding New Zealand

Stud welding and steel composite floor installations.


Quality Tire

Owned by Scotty Pollacheck, World Record holder and official rider of the KillaCycle. As a locally owned, independent automotive shop, Quality Tire specializes in providing superior service on tires, wheels and brakes.


Do you want your company name on KillaJoule or KillaCycle and be listed here?

We gladly accept all support we can get – it makes the future brighter for electric vehicles, and we offer great publicity in exchange. Contact us to learn more.